Harlaxton College partners with Air-IT to revolutionise their telephony

Harlaxton College 3CX case study

About Harlaxton College

Harlaxton College is the British Campus of the University of Evansville. They have around 70 members of staff, and about 170 students during term-time. There are also approximately 1,000 people in residence during the summer recess. Their building is a spectacular Grade I listed manor house in Lincolnshire, UK.

Why the college chose us

We’re an elite 3CX Platinum Partner, a Hosted Partner, experienced in complex 3CX installations, support and providing communications infrastructure (e.g. SIP, fixed lines, and data connectivity), for a wide range of clients across many sectors.

All our technical staff are 3CX Advanced certified, with extensive experience.

Harlaxton College Campus
Harlaxton College Campus

We have a long term outlook and provide quality service that really helps clients achieve their organisational goals, so we take the trouble to understand operation needs and aspirations while still offering excellent value for money.

Meeting challenges

Improve quality and reliability

  • Harlaxton College had a leading-branded phone system with a number of issues – some equipment was end of life with associated maintenance issues, basic system management was difficult and it wasn’t fully meeting the needs of the College. The in-house ICT team wanted a solution to this growing number of problems.

Future proofing

  • Instead of being limited to a system locked into a single manufacturer, 3CX allows them to choose the underlying hardware as well as easily upgrade to take advantage of new features. This is a shrewd way to ensure value for money by building longevity into their choice of solution.

Self-sufficiency for the in-house team

  • With their own skilled resource, the College wanted to manage the 3CX phone system themselves, so they can respond quickly to operational changes and keep support costs right down.

Minimum disruption

  • Since the College is busy with teaching, supporting students, and hosting public events, disruption was kept to a minimum during the transition from old to new.

How Air-IT helped

Harlaxton has chosen a 3CX Pro Edition Windows-based phone system, and being a software solution it’s scalable and feature rich straight out of the box. The solution meets requirements for unified comms as well as operational needs. The setup includes a VoIP gateway that supports analogue phones.

Their system is licensed for 16 simultaneous calls, rather than the number of users without additional licensing costs. So students can use the system as well as staff.

3CX phone system

Aside from new Yealink IP Phones, the need for new hardware has been kept to a minimum. Server virtualisation means there was no need to buy additional server hardware.

We installed the system on a flexible schedule, working out-of-hours and changing the project timeline along with the evolving priorities of the College.

In-depth end-user training ensures that everyone knows how to use the system and can take advantage of new and advanced features.

We’ve also provided administrative training giving the college’s in-house technical staff the knowledge needed to manage the 3CX system themselves, so the requirement for self-sufficiency has been met.

Summary of the results

  • Issues with maintenance of end of life equipment, difficult management and up-to-date features resolved
  • A feature-rich and scalable phone system in place
  • Cost savings through use of existing technology and infrastructure
  • In-house ICT resource are managing the system
  • No lock-in to expensive third party hardware or support charges
  • Minimal disruption during the switch-over from old to new phone system
  • Mobility for staff within the building – taking their phone extension with them wherever they happen to go
  • Additional security benefits to the College – security guards always contactable with fast dial directly to the police
  • Full advantage made of advanced features through end-user training and administration training

Harlaxton College Comment

We were very pleased with the professionalism and system knowledge of the Air IT team – from pre-sales to installation and user training – such that all of our needs for modern communications were met with minimal disruption to users.

The 3CX system offers a comprehensive communications solution for desk bound and mobile users alike and, importantly for us, is easily managed and monitored.

Overall we are very happy with our new 3CX phone system and continue to roll out new features for users.

Ian Welsh, Head of IT