Why choose 3CX

Whether you’re a business owner, an ICT manager, or a consulting reseller, 3CX offers a wealth of operational and commercial benefits – it should be your phone system of choice.

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3CX the right choice for you

Suitable for all sizes and types of business, 3CX is the perfect choice to support growth in any organisation, lending operational flexibility, value for money through cost savings, together with advanced communications capabilities.

Completely software based

Unlike traditional phone systems and PBXs, 3CX is software-based, so it doesn’t need expensive proprietary telephony hardware.

It runs on Windows Server, using standard server hardware. This means costs are manageable, and flexibility is increased. It even integrates with Windows based applications like Outlook and Office365.

Lower costs

Several factors contribute to lower costs than traditional PBX telephone system, including:

  • Much lower call costs since 3CX uses technologies like VoIP, SIP plus calls over Wi-Fi where possible – many calls are actually free
  • Uses standard hardware so cheaper initial costs and cheaper to maintain
  • No expensive vendor lock-in to expensive proprietary equipment or support options
  • With the typical perpetual licensing option No additional “per user” costs as you grow – licensing is based on simultaneous call capability.
  • If you don’t opt for perpetual licensing, our fully hosted option is a “per user” subscription. You can scale up and down as you need to on a monthly basis
  • With our fully-hosted option you also move to the subscription model for predictable monthly or annual payments – operational cost rather than an up-front capital payment

Better communications with clients

You will be able to communicate better with clients and with suppliers, or anyone else for that matter.

  • It’s far more professional to take your number with you… customers don’t need to remember your landline and mobile numbers. And your staff won’t need to give out personal numbers – this is important if there are staffing changes too.
  • Calls can be automatically redirected to the right person whenever someone is unavailable. Worst case scenario is that voicemail can be forwarded as an email attachment.
  • Open up your communications: video conferencing, instant messaging (chat), email integration and a fax server are included, making everything simple and easy to use.
  • Faster response to clients when people are out of the office – calls can be redirected to various devices and personal phones.
  • If you go for 3CX Pro edition you also have integration with SalesForce.

Operational flexibility

Operational efficiency and flexibility will soar – important in establishing an efficient, competitive lead.

  • Any processes requiring communication will become faster. New capabilities will also suggest efficiencies in your operations and better ways to do things.
  • There are many configuration options – queue management, redirection, and call-reporting for example – these are all quick to configure, with no long waiting for an engineer to have to come out to site.
  • We offer remote support and fast access to our fully qualified team of techs. If you’re an ICT Manager or a consultant/reseller we can white-label this service for you.
  • Unified Communications capability such as video conferencing, presence of colleague and links to other business software such as Outlook, instant messaging capability.

Better mobility

3CX Soft PhoneWhen you’re away from the office, being easy to contact and being able to contact others easily are key advantages. 3CX has many capabilities that help you whenever you’re out and about.

  • A fully-featured softphone app is available for Android and Apple Smartphones.
  • You can set your status remotely, e.g. whether you’re available or unavailable to take calls.
  • Your numbers can be redirected transparently to desktop or mobile phones – from the perspective of a caller, you have a single number.
  • Video conferencing over the web – you can hold meetings with people in different locations, at no extra cost for up to 10 participants with 3CX Standard and 25 with 3CX Pro, and without having to download any software plugins.

Positioning for future growth

As you grow, you want systems that will grow with you. 3CX is far more flexible and scalable than traditional phone systems.

  • Scales easily as you grow with no hidden licensing costs. If you buy a license outright then it doesn’t matter how many people will be using the PBX – your licensing costs are based on how many simultaneous calls you need.
  • We also have a fully hosted subscription model that is licensed on the number of users subscribed, but this can be scaled up or down based on staffing levels.
  • Because it is software-based and uses open standards, you have the flexibility to change with the times – 3CX’s developers are continually adding new capabilities – so you’re able to embrace new technology to deliver competitive advantage.
  • The ability to upgrade underlying hardware cheaply easily means that you’re never going to get stuck with obsolete hardware that is proprietary and expensive to maintain.

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