3CX Versions & Maintenance

3CX Maintenance is the best way to keep fully up to date with the latest 3CX version releases and with any important service pack updates for your phone system.

3CX Versions & Maintenance

What we mean by “3CX Versions”

3CX Version upgradesAs with most software, whenever there is a major change in functionality or features, a new version is launched and the version number is incremented.

Since 3CX is a software based phone system, it’s the same. New Versions of 3CX arise out of software development, updates and major new releases. A new Version of 3CX will replace its predecessor, for example 3CX V15 replaces V14.

The general purpose of the software remains the same, but the newer version of 3CX phone system contains enhanced features and improvements.

We’re all used to upgrading from one version of software to a newer version: it’s the same with 3CX Version upgrades.

Maintenance – keeping up-to-date with latest versions

3CX Maintenance packagesUpgrades to new versions of 3CX phone system are generally chargeable unless you have a maintenance agreement.

There are two important exceptions, though:

  • Maintenance for new purchases is included for the first year free of charge
  • You have subscribed to our fully hosted option

New 3CX phone system licenses come with one years Maintenance free-of-charge, meaning that you won’t get caught out if a new version is released within that time, and you won’t have to wait for an impending release if you’re considering a move to 3CX.

Making sure you’re fully covered

You can purchase renewals and extensions to your existing maintenance entitlement through us.

The specific maintenance package you need depends on your existing license in terms of number of simultaneous calls and the edition of 3CX you have.

If you’re uncertain which maintenance option you need, we’re more than happy to help, so please contact us if in doubt.

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