3CX Features

3CX includes enterprise class features as standard. Its designed for mobility and unified communications and does everything and more than traditional phone systems, without hidden upgrade costs.

3CX Phone system

3CX key features

In addition to the limited functionally of the free edition, 3CX is available in three commercial editions, Standard, Pro and Enterprise.

3CX Standard is fully featured straight out of the box. 3CX Pro builds on this with additional advanced features for call-centre capabilities and customer service departments.

3CX Enterprise includes all the features of Pro dition with an additional license key for use on a secondary machine for backup purposes.

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All commercial editions of 3CX include the following common features:

3CX Standard Features
General Features Call Management Features Unified Comms / Mobility Features
  Unlimited extensions   Auto attendant   Web / video conferencing
  4 – 1,024 sim calls supported   Call routing (DID) transfer   Conference calling
  Caller display   Blind / attended transfer   Conference rooms
  Fax support   Call forwarding   See presence of colleagues
  Intercom & paging   Caller screening / ID   Voice to email
  Call recording   Call logging   Fax to email as PDF
  Music on hold   Call queuing   Integrated fax server
  Central phone book   Call waiting   Integrate external offices
  Call by name   Parking, pickup, transfer   Missed call email notification
  Call reporting   Message waiting indicator   Advanced forwarding rules
  Plug & play provisioning   Voicemail   Outlook / Office 365 integration
   Backup/restore PBX   Web based management   Click2Call (WebRTC)
   Supports popular IP phones   Queue management    CTI support
  Supports VoIP & SIP    iOS, Android, Windows phone client

3CX Pro Additional features

As well as those listed above, 3CX Pro offers additional advanced call-centre features, superior call reporting capability and integration with CRM tools and Microsoft Exchange. It also extends unified communications capabilities across multiple office sites.

3CX Pro Advanced Call Centre Features
  Wallboard   Customer hang up & retain queue position
  Advanced reporting   Customer call back when agent available
  Real time queue stats   Call back notification emails to supervisor
  Monitor queue status   Round robin queue
  Review no of callers in queue   Longest waiting queue
  Log agents in & out of queues   Least talk time queue
  Advanced agent stats   Fewest answered queue
  Time that agents logged in/out of queue   Hunt by threes – Random / prioritised queue
  Review No of answered/unanswered calls   SLA alerts / reporting
  Average & longest wait time   Listen in / whisper / barge in

3CX Pro application integration

3CX Pro enables integration with popular applications and Customer Relationship Management tools such as:

  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Act
  • SugarCRM
  • Google Contacts
  • Exact Online
  • Zen Desk
  • Fresh Desk
  • Any Web-based CRM that support a HTTP API

3CX Pro application integration

CRM functionality will allow you to:

  • Call a client contact directly from your CRM software with a mouse click
  • Bring up a customer record as a pop-up when you receive a call from them
  • Automatically log calls from contacts in your CRM system, so you can keep track of conversations
  • Log missed calls with the contact in the CRM system

3CX Pro Wallboard

3CX Pro also integrates with Microsoft Exchange so any changes made in your Exchange address book are replicated into the 3CX Phonebook.

3CX Enterprise Additional License Key

3CX Enterprise includes all of the unified communications and management features of 3CX Pro edition but includes an additional standby license (with same key as the original).

The standby license works hand-in-hand with inbuilt failover and can be used with a secondary machine for backup purposes should there be a problem. This solution is ideal for large organisations who can’t afford any downtime.

Feature highlights of 3CX

Easy PBX installation and management

3CX phone system management console

  • Plug and play configuration of phones, gateways and SIP trunks
  • Easy management of IP Phones and Softphones
  • Install directly on Windows Server or virtualise using Hyper-V or VMWare
  • 3CX phone system is completely software-based
  • Web-based management interface

Mobility – Android, iOS & Window phone VoIP clients

3CX mobile phone clients

  • Most advanced & reliable clients on market
  • Calls over 3G/4G or WiFi
  • Take your extension with you
  • Make and take calls from your Smartphone
  • See presence of colleagues anywhere
  • One number wherever you go
  • No additional license costs


Windows & Mac Softphones

3CX soft phone

  • Managed calls with CTI or desk phone
  • Power switchboard function with drop and drag
  • Make and receive calls via your computer
  • Use headset to replace desk phone
  • Use Office 365, google contacts or internal phonebook
  • Launch calls from CRM
  • No additional licensing fees

Web conferencing features included

  • Integrated video conferencing
  • Clientless – no plugin download needed
  • One click conference
  • Up to 25 participants included free (can upgrade to 100 with WebMeeting Module)
  • PowerPoint and PDFs can be uploaded in advance to improve performance during the meeting
  • Remote control and assistance
  • Polling tool for feedback

3CX WebMeeting

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