3CX Editions

In addition to the limited functionally of the free edition, 3CX phone system is available in three feature rich commercial editions, Standard, Pro and Enterprise.

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3CX Editions Explained

3CX Standard Edition3CX phone system is available in four editions: PBX Free, Standard, Pro and Enterprise Editions.

3CX PBX Edition is available as a free download with up to 8 simultaneous calls but includes limited functionality in comparison to the 3CX Standard and Pro commercial editions.

3CX Standard includes enterprise class features as standard and 3CX Pro builds on this with added call centre functionality and 3CX Enterprise adds an additional license for backup purposes. You decide on which edition best suits your needs,

You can upgrade 3CX to purchase more simultaneous calls as your business grows or may want to upgrade from 3CX Standard to 3CX Pro Edition to make use of extra call centre features.

Not to be confused with Editions there are also different versions of 3CX phone system as new improved updates of the software are released.

3CX Standard & Pro Editions

3CX Pro EditionGenerally speaking, 3CX Standard Edition will suit most business needs, and provide more functionality and flexibility than a traditional PBX phone system ever could.

3CX Pro was originally designed for use in call centres or service departments – it contains a wealth of extra features designed for those sorts of teams or businesses.

Some of the extra features include: call queue management, advanced call reporting, SLA alerts and options for listening-in on calls (for monitoring and training purposes).

Another key feature of 3CX Pro is the capability to integrate with a number of key CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools.

  • For further detailed information about the 3CX Standard and Pro feature set see – 3CX Features.

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