Tailored Support

We recognise that all our clients are different. For this reason we’ve made sure that our 3CX support services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

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Mix and match

We offer a hierarchy of three basic 3CX support packages – 24×7 monitoring and management, remote support, and onsite support. 24×7 monitoring is our most basic package and included under remote support and onsite support.

However, some clients have remote support but not 24×7 monitoring (they do their own), so we’re happy to tailor what we do to suit your requirements.

We also try to cater for businesses with an in-house tech team, and for consultants and resellers, by offering options for part-outsourcing support, and for white-labelling where required.

Examples of 3CX tailored support

As well as adapting how we provide support to you, we’re also able to change what we support and when. Here are some examples of ways we’ve accommodated specific requests.

  • Out-of-hours support (weekends, public holidays, and round the clock)
  • Nominated authorisation of people who can authorise or request changes to the 3CX system
  • Bespoke response and resolution times
  • Onsite cover for absences of your own technical staff
  • A virtual ICT Director service for fully outsourced operations
  • Vendor management (e.g. dealing with comms providers on your behalf)
  • Bespoke support processes to align with your requirements and processes eg change management
  • Cover for unusual hardware, software or connectivity
  • Hot swap spares retained ready for fast replacement in the case of a hardware fault.
  • Specific administration and training for in-house 3CX technical resource
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Ad-hoc 3CX support

We also provide ad-hoc or “pay as you go” support to organisations on existing 3CX phone systems or those who are largely self-sufficient. Generally, though, a recurring support agreement has several benefits:

  • More cost-effective over the long term, and the costs are predictable
  • We know your systems so faults are fixed faster – preliminary research is minimised
  • There’s no waiting around for authorisation before going ahead, so less time lost in resolving issues

Why choose us for tailored 3CX support

Efficient and flexible

Tailoring the 3CX support we provide isn’t difficult for us.

We have unique capabilities in reporting, notification, responsiveness, and case management so we can help you in ways (and still with a rapid response) that others simply can’t equal. We’re proud of this capability and we’d love to show you how.

Cost benefits

While we talk about “packages” for support, most people actually have requirements specific to their operations. We like to build our 3CX support agreements to fit around your specific needs.

Therefore, you only pay for what you need, it’s budget-friendly, because you receive advanced 3CX expertise for a fraction of the cost of training your own resource.

You’re not on your own

Our normal opening hours for 3CX support are 7:30 am to 6:30pm plus we have on-call staff monitoring requests from you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. So you’re not completely on your own if something goes badly wrong when you get in early or have to work late.

We’re big enough to support you properly

Our technical team is constantly growing through recruitment and training. We receive a lot of feedback from new 3CX clients that other support providers seem over stretched. Customer service is something we put at the top of our priority list.

Breadth of expertise

Having acquired a telecoms supplier in 2013, we have genuine expert capability across IT, telephony and communications – we’ve retained those members of staff so our experience isn’t just talk.

We can cover everything needed, all under one roof without you getting passed from pillar to post. This capability is especially helpful since your 3CX phone system runs on a Windows Server (we’re Microsoft Gold Partners too and within the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide) and is dependent on underlying connectivity.

Lastly, all our technicians are certified to Advanced level in 3CX, and we’re one of only a couple of 3CX dealers who have both Platinum Partner and Hosted PBX partner status: that’s as high as you can be as a 3CX partner.

All things considered our offering is unique

If you look hard you may find others who offer some of these benefits, but we think we’re unique in being able to offer the complete 3CX package.

Other 3CX Support Packages

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