Remote Support

Our 3CX remote support is suitable for all sizes of business, consultants/resellers, and as a way to add 3CX telephony support to the capabilities of an in-house IT team.

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You can opt for a fully-outsourced or part-outsourced remote support package for your 3CX phone system.

The two options for part-outsourced 3CX support are for frontline-only support, or, secondly, for third-line-only support, where you escalate complex issues to us.

Why 3CX remote support

We’ve designed our 3CX remote support option to be flexible and to meet the needs of:

Our Service Desk support offers a cost-effective yet unlimited remote support service with management and 24×7 monitoring of your 3CX phone system and its infrastructure for alerts and outages.

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What we cover

Features covered in our 24×7 monitoring and management are included as standard.

  • Unlimited remote 3CX support via telephone, email, Service Hub
  • Standard Service Desk hours 7.30am to 6.30pm daily
  • Preventative maintenance & updates to the underlying Windows Server that support your 3CX phone system
  • Upgrades to the 3CX software – provided you have the right licenses and maintenance in place
  • 3CX fault troubleshooting and resolution, configuration changes, setup of new handsets, generic messages to callers (such as “office closed”), and general help for end users
  • Troubleshooting underlying communications including dealing with 3rd party providers on your behalf
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring & management with alerts
  • Hardware can be covered by arrangement
  • System backups by arrangement
  • Guaranteed response & resolution times
  • Enterprise class service management processes
  • Discounted onsite time
  • Self-service support portal (Service Hub online and desktop)
  • No hidden costs

We’re flexible about the technical elements that we support. You’ll find a lot of 3CX support providers will give you an exclusion list – hardware, software or other components not supported. But we’re happy to include such specific things if identified in advance.

Key 3CX remote support package benefits

Lower costs and better budgeting

We apply a monthly charge for our services, and the price is fixed regardless of how much time you use, so it’s a predictable cost, with no surprises or hidden “add-ons”.

It will save you considerably compared with paying for up-front and limited blocks of time, or against the cost of acquiring and retaining your own specialist technical 3CX resource. Plus, there’s always someone there when you need help – no gaps during breaks or holidays.

First time fix

Our front-line people are 3CX certified and experienced, so we aim to resolve problems straight away. There’s no baffling process to navigate before things get moving. We understand that minimising disruption is the key. Customer service comes first.

No limits

The amount of remote 3CX support you can use is not limited. We’re there as often as you need us.

3CX telephony and connectivity expertise

As a business a major challenges can be finding the depth of technical expertise in order to fully maintain and troubleshoot your 3CX phone system. With us you will meet that challenge.

Outside office hours

As part of this service we provide full event management and will monitor your 3CX phone system, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. This helps us spot problems before they cause a major outage. And if something happens without warning we’ll notify you and take any necessary action.

Simple and secure

Keeping technology up to date is painstaking and takes time. By applying software patches and fixes to the underlying Windows Server that your 3CX phone system uses, as well as updated anti-virus, we’ll take a weight off your shoulders.

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