24×7 Monitoring

When it comes to the performance and availability of your 3CX phone system, prevention is always better than cure. Our 24×7 monitoring and management service allows you to be one or two steps ahead of outages.

3CX 24x7 Monitoring

We’ll monitor the underlying infrastructure that your 3CX phone system relies on – the hardware, the operating system of your server, as well as the connectivity. When something happens, we’ll react.

It is based on technology known as RMM – Remote Monitoring and Management – and it runs 24×7.

3CX Platinum Partner

What we do

Ideal for any size of business including internal IT teams we’ll ensure your 3CX phone system runs efficiently and safely:

  • Filter and take appropriate action based on any alerts
  • Fully trained 3CX technicians and certified engineers working on this task
  • 3CX phone system server (hardware and software) scanned for warnings and any anomalies that warn of impending problems, 24×7 and not limited by the number of events that occur
  • Related 3CX connectivity monitored for outages
  • Help you move closer to achieving best practices or compliancy (e.g. ITIL)

Our 24×7 monitoring and management service is included by default in our 3CX remote and 3CX onsite support packages.

Key benefits of 3CX event management

Real time monitoring

Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) software has a tiny footprint, and unobtrusively provides leading edge 24x7x365 monitoring of your 3CX phone system, flagging potential issues from the early stages.

Early warning of potential issues

Identifying faults and problems with your 3CX phone system before they strike gives you a better chance to manage and minimise the problem in a timely way, without it becoming a disaster.

Rapid warning when a fault occurs

Sometimes things go wrong without sufficient warning, and the first you get to hear about it is when you arrive in the office and something with your 3CX phone system isn’t working. Again, the sooner you’re aware the sooner the issue is resolved.

Prevention is better than cure

As well as advanced notification of issues, we also provide threat management to make sure 3CX’s underlying Windows Server has the latest security patches and anti-virus updates. This will prevent a lot of possible issues.

It should be noted that if you don’t subscribe to our fully hosted 3CX service, the 3CX software itself requires the correct licensing or Maintenance cover before you’re entitled to free upgrades.

Moving towards compliance

The structured process we provide around Event Management will help you achieve adherence to best practise and compliance requirements.

Setup and configuration

We install any software components needed and perform any initial configuration. We can then provide summary reports on the performance of your 3CX phone system.

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