Lines & Connectivity

We can supply all elements of the supporting infrastructure that underpins the successful implementation of 3CX phone system including phone lines, SIP trunks, connectivity solutions and other related telecoms services.

3CX lines and connectivity

With in-depth expertise across both IT and telecoms and a specialist communications division in-house – we’re able to advise, implement and manage the underlying infrastructure needed to optimise your 3CX phone system.

Removing complexities

Navigating your way through terminology and choosing best options can seem like a minefield. You have to make sure that the right combination of technologies are in place and that each component is compatible.

We can supply everything needed and coordinate all aspects of setup and provisioning. We’ll remove the complications, whatever your level of technical expertise.

A full range of solutions

3CX phone system softphones - Air IT

  • We offer a full range of communications and connectivity solutions, depending on your requirements and available services in your area.
  • We’ll work with you to streamline your infrastructure to ensure that it’s perfectly optimised for 3CX phone system.
  • We’ll include the right balance of resilience, performance and cost efficiency through the best combination of phone line (fixed line, ISDN, SIP) and connectivity solutions (superfast fibre and leased lines etc) with failover and without any wastage.

SIP Trunks & call packages – save money

3CX phone system yealink IP phone

  • We can help you save money by reducing your dependence on traditional fixed telephone lines. With 3CX phone system you can use SIP trunks and the Internet to make telephone calls that are much lower in cost or even free.
  • Plus, we offer call packages to help you make further savings.

What makes us different

Complete expertise in IT & Comms

Unlike the vast majority of ICT service providers – uniquely we have complete expertise across IT, telephony and communications – all under one roof.

We can therefore save you money and improve the quality of support we offer for a wide range of 3CX services in comparison to other suppliers whose specialism is limited to either IT or telecoms alone.

Simplification keeps things efficient and hassle-free for you.

Scalable solutions with managed support

We aim to make our phone line, SIP  and connectivity solutions affordable, reliable and scalable, underpinned with the breadth of expertise and highest quality of fully managed support available.

All bases covered

As you would expect, our portfolio of telecoms and connectivity solutions are underpinned by our full range of 3CX services – system design and consultancy, project management and installation, training and support.

Resilient solutions for Hosted 3CX

Hosted telephone systems may need better connectivity that you already have. Our ability to supply infrastructure technology and our technical expertise perfectly compliment our status as a 3CX Hosted PBX Partner.

We can ensure that you have the resilience and performance you need for a hosted 3CX phone system.

A range of added telecoms services

We offer a range of added telecoms services including hosted numbers, business phone lines and call packages, business mobiles and on-hold marketing.

Our expert team will create a bespoke solution tailored to your specific needs streamlining services, reducing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency. For more information please see below:

Telecoms services

Other 3CX Services

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