3CX Hosted

As a 3CX Hosted Partner we offer a complete range of options, including reducing capital outlay and flexible licensing. This includes a fully hosted subscription model, a virtualised solution and collocation of your 3CX server in our Data Centre.

Hosted 3CX

What is hosted 3CX

Traditionally a phone system (PBX) is installed on an organisation’s premises (we refer to this as an on-premise solution). This is no longer the sole option – your 3CX phone system can now be hosted elsewhere over the Internet.

There are commercial and technical pros and cons to either approach. Generally speaking hosting offers options around capital outlay and functional flexibility.

Our Hosted 3CX solutions

We offer a choice of three options for hosting a 3CX phone system, this includes:

1 – Fully Hosted 3CX

This is a fully hosted 3CX solution located in our UK Data Centre and based on a dynamic subscription model:

  • There are no setup or 3CX installation costs
  • Pay by monthly subscription or an annual fee based on a “per user” model
  • You can scale the number of subscribed users up or down as needed
  • All software and hardware maintenance is managed
  • No upgrades needed – always runs the latest version of 3CX because the software is kept updated
  • Server hardware and licenses are included – just need to purchase handsets
  • Settings on the 3CX PBX can be managed remotely, but underlying hardware and infrastructure are managed invisibly as part of the service

This is a good option to begin with, as the commitment in terms of costs and equipment is minimal.

2 – 3CX Cloud Server

With this solution you purchase a virtual 3CX server from us so don’t have any physical hardware. You own the 3CX software licenses and have full control over your server which can be hosted in our UK Data Centre or a location of your choice.

  • There is an up-front cost for software licenses and handsets – capital expenditure rather than operational cost
  • You can purchase upgrades when you need to license more concurrent calls, but you don’t have the granularity of the fully hosted option
  • Physical server hardware and 3CX infrastructure can be provided and managed by us in our Data Centre or you can choose to host in a location of your choice

There will be an optimum price point at which this will be more cost-effective for you than the fully hosted option. We can help work that out for you. You own the software too.

3 – 3CX Collocation

With our collocation solution you own your 3CX licenses and purchase a physical server which we host in our UK Data Centre.

  • With this option, you purchase server hardware as well as software licenses, so it is an up-front cost
  • We manage the 3CX server in our Data Centre
  • Collocation offers complete control over the hardware and software options
  • There are more options and greater control over the underlying infrastructure and availability (high up-time) than with options 1 and 2

To all intents and purposes this is the same as an on-premise system in terms of choice, control and ownership, but with the benefits of better mobility and lower infrastructure demands.

3CX Hosted Solutions

Which 3CX Hosted solution is right for you

Your best suited hosted 3CX solution depends on a couple of broad considerations including:

  • Payment options
  • Scalability
  • The hardware and licenses that you need to buy
  • The level of control that you want to have (eg. perhaps due to security considerations)

If you’re uncertain, please contact us to speak to one of our 3CX experts who are more than happy to advise.

3CX Platinum Partner

Benefits of 3CX Hosted

Here are some benefits that are common to all our 3CX Hosted options, and reasons why you might choose a Hosted solution instead of on-premise :

No compromise on features

Other phone systems often limit the number of features available for their hosted solutions. However, with our 3CX hosted solution you won’t have to compromise – you’ll have full access to all the enterprise level and unified communication features available in exactly the same way as the on-premise solution.

You can find more about 3CX features here.

Improved mobility

Since your 3CX PBX is located away from your premises, with a Hosted solution you will have improved performance and easier access from outside the office.

Network security

Your firewall and threat management systems won’t require reconfiguration which may be the case when accommodating an on-premise 3CX phone system.

Our support packages

As one of the few Platinum 3CX Partners who’re also accredited 3CX Hosting Partners, we’re eminently suited to offering a full range of monitoring, system maintenance and support options to compliment your hosted 3CX phone system.

Fewer demands on your infrastructure

There will be very little need (if at all) for new network infrastructure, or for any complex reconfiguration of what you already have in place.

Easy access for maintenance and troubleshooting

If it’s ever needed, emergency out-of-hours access to your 3CX phone system can be obtained without us needing to call one of your key-holders in the night or asking anyone to dash across town to open up the office.

Higher system uptime

Hosted 3CX options typically contain high availability systems and redundancy, meaning that most critical components are redundant and will fail-over if necessary to minimise the risk of down time.

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